The recent opening of a renal dialysis facility adds another dimension to the medical services available at the Hibiscus Medical Centre on Bazley Street in Port Shepstone. The centre, which is operated by Hibiscus Private Hospital, has been host to a medical laboratory since December 2004. In February this year, consulting rooms for visiting specialists were opened and a local gynaecologist took residence in the building.

Richard Mills, executive managing director, says that the medical centre came about in part because more medical professionals want to do consulting sessions at Hibiscus Private Hospital. “Our vision is to be the preferred healthcare provider on the Lower South Coast and we felt that we had to address this need. The dialysis facility and the laboratory are among the vital services needed by the hospital and the local community and we are pleased that the centre is now complete.”

The Hibiscus Kidney and Dialysis Centre opened their doors inside the centre on 1 October, scarcely a month ago. Operated by world-class Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s market leader in dialysis products and services, the centre offers a comprehensive range of services for treating patients with kidney disease. The services include haemodialysis (acute and chronic), haemofiltration, haemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis (CAPD and APD), plasmapheresis as well as a transplant programme.

Hyran Roman, Fresenius Business Unit Manager Provider says, “All patients are offered high-flux dialysis which ensures excellent clearance as well as the state-of-the-art reverse osmosis water treatment system ensuring that the water used is of the highest purity. And the centre has been equipped with modern, reliable equipment with built-in On-Line Clearance Monitors (OCM) that display the adequacy of each treatment to ensure high quality dialysis. We are pleased to be part of the Hibiscus Medical Centre and look forward to serving the South Coast community.”

Bouwer and Partners Consulting Pathologists, on the upper floor of the Hibiscus Medical Centre, is a well-know name on the South Coast as most blood tests and other medical tests run through their laboratories.

Lyle Collocot, area manager for Bouwer and Partners, says, “The lab’s services are essential to doctors and hospitals alike. We find it very convenient to be here in the centre as we make ward rounds to collect samples every few hours at Hibiscus Private Hospital. This lab is also a 24-hour facility – we have someone here all night to receive samples and keep a technologist on call to perform emergency tests. Doctors today rely heavily on blood tests.”

On the ground floor, gynaecologist Dr B Perumal is resident at Hibiscus Medical Centre, where the rooms have been designed to be both elegant and comfortable. The visiting doctors rooms are regularly used by specialists, most of which hail from the Durban medical community. The specialist fields served include urology, orthopaedics, dermatology, neurology, psychiatry, psychology and specialist surgery.

The facilities and doctors in the Hibiscus Medical Centre can be contacted via the hospital switchboard at (039) 682 4882.

New dialysis service. Renal Technologist Mthobise Madikane closely monitors his dialysis patient, Mr. Manivasagan Nagura in the new Hibiscus Kidney and Dialysis Centre which opened on 1 October this year. The centre features state-of-the-art dialysis equipment with built-in monitoring facility to ensure high quality dialysis.

Bloodwork. Medical Technologists Nwabisa Zongo (front) and Bukiswa Bungane in the Bouwer and Partners laboratory in the Hibiscus Medical Centre. Nwabisa is working with a machine they use to test blood for a variety of things including HIV/AIDS.

The Hibiscus Medical Centre on Bazley Street in Port Shepstone is home to a growing range of medical professionals and services.